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99 Happy Birthday Wishes For A Best Friend – Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes For A Friend – Best Happy Birthday Wishes To Wish Happy Birthday With Lots Of Love And Enjoyment To Your Best Friend.

Friend Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend With Images

Friend Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend With Images

Here comes up with the wishes you needed for your best friend happy birthday to wish him/her. We have totally 99 top quality happy birthday wishes for friend to wish your friend on this birthday with your love of friendship. Overall these birthday wishes are daily used over 1000’s of times to wishes their friend’s birthday and everyone do likes these, so here are providing these to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend's Birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend’s Birthday

Latest Birthday Wishes For Friend To Wish Happy Birthday

  1. May My Friend On This Special Day Be Able To Set All The Jealous People On Fire And Use The Flame To Burn The Candles And Blow Them Off With A Happy Smile, A Very Happy And Amazing Day To You.

  2. People May Wish You Many Things. I Only Wish You Two: Never And Always. To Never Be Sad, And To Always Be Happy.

  3. One More Year Added Now, So It’S Better To Remain Over The Ground Rather Than Remaining Under That. Wishing You A Happy Birthday.

  4. Congratulations On Being Even More Experienced. I’M Not Sure What You Learned This Year But I Hope That You Had Fun. Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday! At Our Age, I Don’T Know Why People Expect Us To Remember Their Birthdays. On A Good Day, We’Re Lucky If We Even Remember Where Our Car Keys Are!

  6. With Every Passing Year, They Become More Experienced Of Life. It Can Really Create A Difference In Your Style While Matching With Their Personality.

  7. So Tell Me, Buddy, How Old Are You Now? I Mean Those Parts That You Were Born With, Terminator?

  8. There Are Three Hundred And Sixty-Four Days When You Might Get Un-Birthday Presents And Only One For Birthday Presents, You Know.

  9. No One Holds A Candle To You On Your Birthday. That’S Because You’Re Probably Already Hot From All The Candles On Your Cake.

  10. Get The Perfect Dress, Dress Up Like A Princess. Those Shiny Shoes, Let Your Hair Loose. Just Make The Most Of This Day, Just Scream And Shout, Its My Birthday!

  11. A Real Friend Understands Your Past, Believes In Your Future And Accepts You Just The Way You Are, Even If You Are Getting Older ! Enjoy Your Big Day.

  12. Omg!, It’S Your Birthday! Have A Blast And I Hope You Enjoy Your Day. P.S Try Not To Think About Your Age.

  13. Some People May Tell You That Age Has Added Grace And Maturity To Your Looks. That’S Just A Nice Way Of Saying That You Have Become Old And Boring. Happy Birthday.

  14. Well, It’S A Great Thing That Your Friends Post On Your Facebook Even If It’S Only Once A Year, At Least They Have Never Forgotten Your Birthday.

  15. Our Friendship Is Made Of Gold And It Will Never Rust, Will Stay Precious Until The World Turns To Dust. Happy Birthday And May Your Every Wish Come True! Every Year On Your Birthday, You Get A Chance To Start New. Happy Birthday To You Friend

  16. Sun Likes The Sunday, Moon Likes The Monday, I Like Only One Day. And That Is Your Birthday. Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!

  17. We Have To Be Able To Grow Up. Our Wrinkles Are Our Medals Of The Passage Of Life. They Are What We Have Been Through And Who We Want To Be.

  18. For Your Special Day, I Tried To Find The Right Words To Show You How I Feel About Our Friendship. I Could Only Think Of One: Amazing. To Me, You’Re An Amazing Friend, More Special Than Anyone I’Ve Ever Known. Happy Birthday Friend!

  19. I Hope You Forgive Me For Eating Your Lunch, I Couldn’T Stop Myself After All It Was Your Birthday Cake. I Promise I’Ll Be A Good Boy, Until I Get Your Birthday Treat.Come One Show Me Your Smile, You Still Look Young To Me. You Can Open Your Eyes. You Will Only Find Birthday Candles On Fire.

  20. I Wish You The Best In Life. Someone Like You Can Easily Climb The Ladder Of Success. I Will Support You In Every Way I Can. Happy Birthday!

  21. (Age Is Strictly A Case Of Mind Over Matter. If You Don’T Mind, It Doesn’T Matter.) But In Your Case, I Think It Matters; It Matters A Lot!

  22. For Your Birthday, I Have Been Thinking Of Something Grandiose, Superb, And Impressing. But Anyway, I Do Not Cost Anything To Think, Right?

  23. People Often Compare Birthdays With Boogers. Because, With The Increase Of Its Number, People Find Breathing Harder.

  24. Happy Birthday. I Guess We’Ve Reached The Age When Every Compliment We Get Is Typically Accompanied By, For Someone Your Age.

  25. People Like You, That Brighten Others Day, Deserve A Bit Of Sunshine Too. Have A Sunny Birthday.

  26. On Your Birthday, Let Me Wish You Plenty Of Joy, I Know You’Re Too Old, But I Still Bought You A Toy!

  27. If It’S Your Birthday, Then You Better Dress For The Occasion. Wear Your Birthday Suit. Just Kidding, Your Suit Is Probably Too Wrinkled.

  28. Some Say The Glass Is Half Empty. Other Ones State The Glass Is Half Full. It’S Your Bday, So Just Drink Anything Is In The Glass.

  29. Today Is A Gift, Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is A Mystery That Needs To Be Uncovered. On This Day May The Mysteries Concerning Your Future, Be Revealed To U And Your Dreams Become Reality. Happy Birthday My Dear.

  30. On This Birthday I Hope You Have A Young Life With A Beautiful Wife. Kids In Tonnes And Eager To Eat Buns. Happy Birthday.

  31. A Man Thirty Years Old, I Said To Myself, Should Have His Field Of Life All Ploughed, And His Planting Well Done; For After That It Is Summer Time

  32. A Friend Is Someone Who Stands By You Side, When You Are In Trouble And Broken Inside. A Friend Is Someone Who Treats You With All The Best And Shines Your Day, When You Are. You’Re The Reason My Spirits Always Take An Uplift, You Are The Best Ever Given Gift! Happy Birthday My Friend.

  33. Oh, Your Another Birthday Has Arrived? But It Really Seems Only Yesterday That You Were A Whole Year Younger! God Bless You, Buddy!

  34. Stop Counting Candles On Your Birthday Cake! You Will Get One More Year Older, Till You Count Them All.

  35. It’S Your Birthday When I Realize The Advantage Of Being Overweight, Friends Would Think Twice Before The Birthday Bumps!! Happy Birthday!

  36. Friendship Is All About Give And Take. You Can Take The Gift I Got For You Only If You Give An Awesome Party In Return. Happy Birthday.

  37. Last Week, The Candle Factory Burned Down. Everyone Just Stood Around And Sang, Happy Birthday!

  38. There Was King And A Queen Who Were Nothing Close To You.Lets Not Worry Lets Not Cry, The Troublemaker Is In The Spotlights Tonight.

  39. Enjoy Every Moment, Smile, Be Happy And Remember One Thing: Today Is The Most Special Day Of The Year, So Live It To The Fullest.

  40. On Your Birthday, Here Are Some Words Of Wisdom: Smile While You Still Have Teeth! Congratulations!

  41. You Know How Most People, On Your Birthday, Tell You, “My Goodness, You Never Seem To Age.” Well, I’M Not One Of Them. Happy Birthday, Old Fart!

  42. I Don’T Understand Why People Get So Bent Out Of Shape Over Birthdays. If You Think About It, It’S The Other 364 Days Of The Year That Make People So Old.

  43. To Be Happy With A Man You Must Understand Him A Lot And Love Him A Little. To Be Happy With A Woman You Must Love Her A Lot And Not Try To Understand Her At All. Next? Growing Up To Be Clint Eastwood, I Hope.

  44. We Know We’Re Getting Old When The Only Thing We Want For Our Birthday Is Not To Be Reminded Of It.

  45. Overlook About The Past, You Can’T Change It, Overlook About The Future, You Can’T Forecast It, Forget About The Present, I Did Not Get You One!

  46. Erase All Your Worries. Save The Moments Of Love. Call Divertur Problems To God’S Voicemail Box, Download Your Prayers N Him& Wait For His Ringtones. Happy Birthday…

  47. Today Is Your Birthday! May You Receive Even More Blessings Than You Ask For, And May All Good Things Continue To Come Your Way. Happy Birthday! Life Is What You Make Of Keep Making Yours Count Each And Every Day. The Skies Are Clear For You At All Times. Happy Birthday!

  48. Congratulations On Being A Year Closer To Finding Out If Atheism Was The Right Choice.

  49. If There Were A Category Called Coolest Person On Earth On Craigslist, You Would Be The First Listing. Happy Birthday.

  50. Obviously, You Would Be Very Old By Now If You Celebrate Your Birthday Every Month.

  51. The Best Way To Enjoy Your Birthday Each Year Is To Keep Getting More Gifts But Never Remember Your Age. Happy Birthday My Friend.

  52. Hey, Can You Blow Out All These Candles By Yourself Or Should I Call Our Local Fire Department To Help You In This Regard.

  53. It Is The Day When You Were Born And The World Got Such A Expensive And Most Needed Gift From God. Thinking Of You!

  54. Thinking Of You On Your Birthday, And Wishing You All The Best! I Hope It Is As Fantastic As You Are, You Deserve The Best And Nothing Less.

  55. The True Meaning Of Our Friendship Is That We Can Celebrate Your Birthday Even If You Are Broke And You Can Be Happy Even If Friends Don’T Have Enough Money To Buy You A Gift. Happy Birthday.

  56. It’S Freezing Today And It Is So Good That Your Birthday Cake With All The Candles Brings Much More Warmth Than The Fireplace!

  57. Happy Birthday Men, Men Are Like Wine: Some Turn To Vinegar, But The Best Improve With Age.

  58. That New Outfit You Got Will Make A Great Birthday Gal Dress. And I’Ve Heard It Will Out Of Fashion Soon. So Plan That Rocking Birthday Party Now!! Happy Birthday.

  59. I Wish You That Every Year The Number Of The Candles Decreases, While The Number Of The Parties, Cakes And Happy Birthday Wishes Grows.

  60. Someone Once Said That A True Friend Remembers Your Birthday, But Not Your Age. I Remember Both. Shouldn’T That Count For Something?

  61. Angels Are Few, And So Are You. And That Is What Makes You So Special. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day. Have An Amazing Day And An Even More Amazing Year Ahead. Every Time I Fell, You Pushed Me Up. You Never Left Me Miss A Step, Shed Any Tear And Feel Any Fear. I Believe I Wouldn’T Be The Same Without You. Happy Birthday My Friend!

  62. If It Takes More Than One Match To Light Your Candles, It Takes More Than One Breath To Blow Them Out. Happy Birthday.

  63. There Are Plenty Of Years That I Can Remember For Those History Classes In Our Schools. But, The Bad News Is I Can’T Remember Your Birth Date As It Wasn’T On Our Course. May Be I’M Late, But Happy Birthday.

  64. Take A Day Off To Celebrate You Birthday. Take A Year Off And Tell People You Are Younger. Happy Birthday.

  65. May Your Coffin Have Six Handles Of Finest Silver. May Your Coffin Be Carried By Six Fair Young Maids. And May Your Coffin Be Made Of Finest Wood From A 100-Year-Old Tree, That I’Ll Go Plant Tomorrow! Wish You A Great Birthday!

  66. Happy Birthday! Another Year, Another Reason To Curse The Inventor Of The First Modern Mirror.

  67. Look Behind You There Is Your Gift, I Was Joking Just Wanted To Give You Birthday Bombs. Lest Sing And Dance, We Can Bare Your Voice Today After All Its Your Birthday.

  68. People Of Your Age Would Usually Be Called Old, But Don’T Worry, Makeup Will Do A Good Job For You. Happy Birthday Dear Friend.

  69. If You Have A Birthday In The Middle Of The Woods And No One Is There To Celebrate With You, Then Did You Actually Get Older? Happy Birthday, And Have Fun On Your Camping Trip To The Middle Of Nowhere.

  70. I Would Give You A Trip To The Moon And A Holiday To An Exotic Island As Your Birthday Gift. I Only Wish You Returned The Money You Owe Me First. Happy Birthday.

  71. May The Sun Shine The Brightest And The Birds Sing The Sweetest Today, Just For You.

  72. Totally Cool, Really Fantastic, Wonderful, Exciting, Majorly Awesome, Rocking Of You. Keep This Spirit For The Rest Of Your Life.

  73. I Will Stand And Hold My Breath Until You Promise To Have A Fantastic Happy Birthday. Please, Please Promise Quickly!

  74. May You Have A Healthy Year, And Because You Do Not Have Heat In Your House, I Wish You A Warm Happy Birthday.

  75. The Only Reason You Hate Your Birthday Is Because People Give You Odd Gifts, Scary Cards With Weird Messages In Them, And Because You’Re Getting Older. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  76. I Wish I Could Full Fill All Your Wished, Specially Those Which Would Benefit Me. Are You Out Of Your Mind, Who Picks Up The Phone At 12’O Clock?! Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!

  77. Also, If One Doesn’T Have A Mind, It Can’T Matter. See, I Keep Telling You Age Doesn’T Matter When It Comes To You. Just Kidding! Happy Birthday To Ageless You.

  78. You Have To Really Be Something Special! Today, 3,276,821 People Have Birthday, But I Was Only Thinking Of You!

  79. I Hope You Enjoy Your Day Today And U Spend It With The Ones You Love!!!! I Hope You Get Everything You Asked For! Have A Fun Time Dont Let Anyone Ruin It, Happy Birthday.

  80. They Were All Asking Me What Are You Best At “Friend’S Name”. I Told Them No One Throws A Birthday Party Like You Do!! Time To Show Them, Happy Birthday Buddy!

  81. You Recognize The Detail That You’Re Getting Older When The Candles Cost More Than The Bday Baked Cake.

  82. The Ability To Take Better Decisions And Showing A Heightened Sense Of Responsibility Are Some Of The Typical Traits Of Maturity Except In Cases Like Yours. Happy Birthday Friend!

  83. Party Early And Often. Remember That It Only Counts As One Year No Matter How Many Times You Celebrate. Happy Birthday.

  84. Wish You A Very Happy Birthday May Life Lead You To Great Happiness Success And Hope That All Your Wishes Come True Enjoy Your Day Happy Birthday.

  85. Today Is The Best Day To Start What You Dream Of. Believe In Yourself And Achieve The Things. Happy Birthday, You Deserve The Best.

  86. Happy Birthday To My Best Friend, Who Laughs At My Jokes And Who Cries With Me At My Hard Times. I Wish We Could Be Friends For The Next Life Too If God Pemits.

  87. Congratulations On Your Birthday! If Someone Says That You’Re Getting Old, Don’T Listen To Him And Throw Your Artificial Teeth Set Or Hit With Your Walking Stick.

  88. I Looked All Over For Some Classy Messages, But Sadly I Turned Up With Nothing. I Guess They Know You Too Well.

  89. Too Many Birthday Means, You Are Getting Closer To Death. It’S Scientifically Proven, Not My Own Words.

  90. You May Not Have White Teeth But You Have My Blessings. You Look Really Funny With That Big Hat But In Real You Are A Magician.

  91. Having You As A Friend Is My Every Day Gift; Let Me Be Your Gift Today.

  92. You Fatty Don’T Get It Eaten All By Yourself, Spare Some Piece For Me, Too.

  93. I Hope You Get Whatever You Wish For When You Blow Out The Candles! I Can Only Wish For You What I Wish Every Year May You Enjoy The Good Things In Life. Happy Birthday Friend

  94. Everything Important That I Learned, I Have Learned From You. Happy Birthday To A Wonderful Brother And Good Friend.

  95. All Your Birthday Parties Will Also Be Meaningless If You Don’T Have Friends Like Me To Enjoy Them. Happy Birthday And Thanks For The Invite.

  96. I Wish I Had Remembered To Get You A Present. My Memory Must Be Going In Your Old Age.

  97. It’S Your Special Day. Look Ahead, Think Back, Sing Out, Dance Around, Get Down, Live It Up And Have A Memorable Bday.

  98. Before The Clock Strikes Twelve Let Me Take The Opportunity To Let You Know That You Have Grown A Year More Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Happy Birthday.

  99. Just Imagine The Things You’D Want To Hear On Your Birthday And Assume I Said Them. Last Week, The Candle Factory Burned Down. Everyone Just Stood Around And Sang.

Now it’s your turn to handle your friendship with your friendship love. Now wish your dear friend in a special way of wishing, it’s  happy birthday wishes for a friend free, wishes for happy birthday.

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