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Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS For Him – Boyfriend

Best messages, sms and Happy birthday wishes for him free in best quality to wish him happy birhday. Get best wishes, sms and messages for your boyfriend and make feels special on his birthday this time with our awesome free wishes. So, here we have provided very good birthday wishes for him. Now you can select your favorite wishes, messages and sms from our below collection and wish him on his birthday.

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Happy Birthday Special SMS Wishes Messages For Him Free Images

Happy Birthday SMS Wishes Messages For Him To Wish Him happy birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

Best special birthday wishes for him to celebrate his birthday and wish him happy birthday.

I’m So Thankful I Found a Friend Like You. a Friend Who Fills My Life with a Pleasant Dew Every Single Day. Happy Birthday My Buddy and May Every Wish of Yours Turn to Reality.

Happy Birthday to the Best Boyfriend in the Whole Wide World!

If There’s Something Strange in Your Neighborhood. Who You Gonna Call? Your Girlfriend! If There’s Something Weird and It Don’t Look Good. Who You Gonna Call? Your Girlfriend! Happy Birthday! Love, Your Ghoul-Friend.

Happy Birthday, My Love! It May Take Just a Few Moments to Write “I Love You” but I Spend Every Moment of Every Day Loving Yoy and I Can’t Wait to Spend the Rest of My Life Doing the Same.

The Best Thing in the World Is Getting to Celebrate the Birhday of the One You Love. I Am So Lucky You Are Mine. Happy Birthday!

Whispering Sweet Nothings into Each Others’ Ears, Holding Hands on the Street, Giving Each Other Tight Bear Hugs and Kisses That Melt Away Sorrow. Baby, My Life Would Be Incomplete Without You! I Love You So Much. Thank You for Stepping into My Life. Happy Birthday to You.

Nothing in the World Can Let Me Forget You, So How Can I Forget Your Birthday. Lets Enjoy the Day on the Sea Side Watching Sunset Together. Be Romantic and Have a Romantic Birthday.

May This Lovely Day Bring You Love, Peace, Happiness, Hope, Dreams, Achievement, Prosperity and Success All Throughout Your Life! Darling, Have a Super Happy Birthday! Your Special Day Calls for Special Celebrations. Happy Birthday.

Just a Reminder on Your Birthday to Keep Things Working Right: the Latest Version of Halo for Xbox and Your Sports Buddies Aren’t Going to Keep You Warm on a Cold Winter’s Night.

I Am So Excited to Spend the Day with You! I Have the Most Amazing Birthday Surprises Planned. I Know You Will Never Forget Today, Happy Birthday.

May Your Life Be Filled with All Good Things and May All Your Dreams Come True Starting from Today as You Celebrate Another Birthday. You Are a Special Man and Deserve the Best. Happy Birthday My Love.

I Am the Luckiest Girl in the World to Have a Boyfriend Like You. Same Pinch, Because You Are the Luckiest Boyfriend in the World to Have a Girlfriend Like Me. Happy Birthday.

On Your Special Day I Wish to Thank You for Supporting and Encouraging Me, for Making Me Laugh and Feel Loved. Happy Birthday to My Love!

Before I Met You, I Was Always Afraid of the Future, I Was Afraid of the Unknown. but Now That I Have You, I Have the Courage to Face the World as Long as You Are with Me. Happy Birthday, Love. Have a Fantastic One!

On Your Birthday Sweetheart, on This Special Day for You, I Promise to Make It Unforgettable and Loving for You Too.

You Tolerate My Mood Swings, My Tantrums and Pull Me Up When I’m Down. You Are My Ultimate Source of Inspiration and Happiness. I Just Want to Say That I Love You. Happy Birthday to the Hero of My Life.

This Greeting Is for My Knight in Shining Armor. You Protect Me, You Love Me. I Am Your Princess, Here to Wish You a Happy, and Beloved, Birthday.

Here Is Some Birthday Science: Gravity Doesn’t Make People Fall in Love, but Making a Trip Around the Sun Does Make You Older.

Darling, on Your Birthday Today I’d Like to Remind You How Many More Years We Have to Spend Together. and I Wish That Every Year Is as Beautiful as This One. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

I’m So Excited to Be with You for Your Birthday This Year. Here’s to Making Sure the Upcoming Year Is Filled with Fun, Love, and Romance Together. I Can’t Wait for All of the Wonderful Times the Next Year Will Bring Us.

I Couldn’t Help but Blush on the Day You Told Me That I Was Your Crush, I Couldn’t Help but Break Out in a Jiggle When You Asked Me Out with a Giggle I Couldn’t Help but Smile for the First Time, When You Held My Hand for a While All I Want to Say to You on Your Birthday.

I Made a Wish One Night to Find the Most Perfect, Most Handsome Man in the Universe. My Wish Came True, and I Hope All Your Wishes Come True on Your Special Day. Happy Birthday!

The First Thing That Came to My Mind This Morning Was That Today Is Your Birthday. I Hope I Was the First One to Send You Birthday Greetings, Because You’re the Most Special Person in the World to Me. Happy Birthday!

Only Special People Receive Special Birthday Wishes from Me. and You Have Always Been That Special One. Happy Birthday to the Sexiest Boyfriend Ever!

Is That I Blush When I Think of You, Even Today. You’re My Favorite Person in the World, and Your Birthday Is My Favorite Day of the Year. Happy Birthday, Honey!

For Every Candle That You Blow Today, I Am Going to Make a Wish and Pray May You Always Remain So Sweet May Your Love for Me Never Deplete May We Always Be Together and near Wishing You a Very, Happy Birthday, Dear.

You Yell at Times and You Lose Your Mind. You Get Wild and You Throw a Fit Too. but All That Is Excused Because Today Is Dedicated Especially to You! Happy Birthday.

Let Your Happy Birthday Return Again and Again, So That I Have a Chance to Convey My True Love to My Boyfriend on His Special Day.

Your Birthday Gives Me One More Chance to Shower You with Lots of Bear Hugs and French Kisses. I Love You Baby. Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday!

There Is No Greater Satisfaction Than Basking in Our Attraction There Is No Greater Happiness Than to Look at You and Experience Breathlessness There Is No Greater Pleasure Than to Cherish Our Love’s Treasure There Is No Greater Joy Than to Call You My Boy Happy Birthday.

How Does a Relaxing Spa Session and Followed by a Hands-On Strawberry and Cream Session in Bed Sound for a Naughty Birthday Treat. Not Bad, Eh? I Hope You Are Ready to Celebrate a Sizzling Birthday! Happy Birthday.

Today Is Your Birthday and I Am Thinking Whats the Best Gift I Could Choose for You. a Wet Kiss or a Loving Hug or a Soft Touch with a Red Rose? Nothing Is Looking Enough for You. Wishing You a Great and Memorable Birthday.

I Started Dating You Because I Thought That You Were a Good Looking Catch. Now My Thoughts Have Changed, and I Think That We Are the Perfect Match. Happy Birthday Handsome.

It Has Only Been a Short Time Since We Started Seeing Each Other, but I Cannot Imagine My Life Without You. Here’s to This Birthday and the Ones to Come.

It’s Understandable to Want to Take Your Time. If We’re Talking About a New Car, That’s Fine. Just So You Know, I’ll Always Love and I’ll Sing It from From Sea to Shining Sea. Now How Many More Birthdays Until You Finally Marry Me?

On Day, We Will Look Back on All We Have Done, and See How Far We Have Come. I Love You So Much. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

Happy Birthday Messages For Him

Sweet birthday messages for him to celebrate his birthday. If you need more messages, then here are best happy birthday messages for him to send on his birthday for free.

It Is Difficult to Buy a Gift for You Sweetheart. Because I Want to Buy You the Entire World for You. but Until I Win the Lottery, I Can Only Offer You My Love and Commitment That I Will Be There for You, No Matter What.

The Best Gifts I Ever Got Weren’t Even on My Birthday. It Was When I Met You. It Was When I Fell in Love with You. It’s Every Day I Get to Love You. So My Gift to You Is My Love. Feel Free to Unwrap It Anytime.

My Love for You Grows with Each Passing Birthday, So Let’s Make This an Extra Special Day Where Our Love Gets Even Stronger. Happy Birthday My Love.

When There Is a Fire, Most Call the Fire Department, but I Call You Instead, Even Though You Are the One Who Started the Spark! Now Put Out Those Candles on Your Birthday Cake!

Best Birthday Wishes I’m Sending to You and I Think I’m Burning, If You Only Knew. You’re So Sweet and I Never Want to Be Apart, Because You’re the One That Had Stolen My Heart!

Today Is Your Birthday and I Am Thinking Whats the Best Gift I Could Choose for You. a Wet Kiss or a Loving Hug or a Soft Touch with a Red Rose? Nothing Is Looking Enough for You. Wishing You a Great and Memorable Birthday.

Let God Decorate Each Golden Ray of the Sun Reaching You with Wishes of Success, Happiness and Prosperity! Have a Super Birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Charming and Lovely Sweetie. My Source of Happiness, Inspiration, and Strength.

Be Prepared for Exciting Gifts Inside and Outside the Bedroom! After All, It Is Your Birthday and I Am Going to Spice This Day Up for You. but Before We Reach Cloud 9, I Really Want to Say from the Bottom of My Heart That I Love You and I Wish You a Very Happy Birthday. You Are the Hottest Boyfriend in the Whole World.

I Am Not in a Relationship with You Because I Don’t Want to Be Single. I Am in a Relationship with You Because, I Truly Need to and Want to Be with You. Happy Birthday Darling.

You Will Always Be My Blue Eyed Boy and I Will Always Be Your Girl Who Makes Others Go Green. Let’s Hope That This Birthday of Yours Paints Us in Many More Fun Colors of Life. Happy Birthday.

I Think You Are the Most Amazing Person I Have Ever Met. You Are a True Friend and Are Always with Me Through Thick and Thin. Please Don’t Change Ever, a Very Happy Birthday to You!

When I First Saw You, I Was Afraid to Talk to You. When I First Talked to You, I Was Afraid to Kiss You. When I First Kissed You, I Feared to Love You. Now That I Love You, I Fear to See You Go. Happy Birthday, My Love!

I Love Your Eyes, I Love the Way Hold Me in Your Arms, the Fact That You Are Always There When Need You, but Especially the Way You Make My Knees Quaver. Happy Birthday My Love.

Everything Seems So Perfect and Nice Since We Started Dating, I Haven’t Seen a Low My Life Right Now Seems Like a Bright Sunny Sky Highlighted with Lovely Hues and a Beautiful Rainbow the Love Is Beautiful, the Romance Is Tingling the Passion Is Sizzling, the Reason Is You This Is All I Wanted to Say on Your Birthday I Hope That You Feel the Same Way Too, Happy Birthday.

I Am So Excited to Spend the Day with You on Your Special Day. I Have So Many Special Things Planned Out So You Will Never Forget Your This Birthday. Can’t Wait to See You! Happy Birthday

Today Is Your Birthday, It Is the Best Chance to Say I Love You, from the Bottom of My Heart I Have Felt This Way from the Very Start I Can’t Believe How Lucky I Am to Have a Guy, Sweeter Than Jam as I Wish You a Happy Birthday.

You Are Never Alone. I Will Always Be Right Beside You. Today, with All of My Heart, I Wish You the Happiest Birthday Ever.

I Hope You Feel the Same Way. Happy Birthday to Someone Who Knows How to Annoy the Crap Out of Me. but I Love Him More Than Anything and Anyone. I Hope You Have an Amazing Birthday.

Even Though Today You Are a Year Older, You Are Still the Same Man Who Is Just Perfect for Me. I Love You and I Am Thinking About You Baby. Happy Birthday.

It’s Your Birthday, So Go Ahead and Watch the Game, Hog the Remote and Proclaim Yourself Barbeque King. Just Remember That Tomorrow Is the End to Your One Day Reign and You’re Back in a World Where You’re Kissing My Ring.

Happy Birthday. Wherever We Are, That’s Where I Want to Be, Right Next to You. It’s My Favorite Spot in the World.

I Find Myself So Thankful to God Because He Sent Someone as Sweet as You in My Life. Thank You for Not Just Being My Boyfriend but Also Being My Best Friend. I Will Never Be Able to Find Anyone Like You. I Can’t Wait to Be Your Bride. I Love You and Always Will. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous.

I Don’t Know Why I Love You, but I Do Know It Feels Just Right. I Don’t Know Why You Love Me, but I Hope That It Is for All the Right Reasons. Happy Birthday.

I May Not Be Able to Give You the Best Gifts Today, but My Thoughts and Wishes Are with You on This Special Day.

First, Courtney Wished Her Boyfriend a Happy Birthday. Then It Seems That They Have a Nickname for Each Other.

Happy Birthday to the Man Who Rocks My World, I Love You So Much Baby!

This Special Day Is Just to Treat You with My Love, Fill You with the Warmth of Being Very Special to Me. Wish You Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

Happy Birthday, the Most Amazing and Beautiful Boyfriend Anyone Could Ever Wish For. You Never Fail to Make Me Indescribably Happy and I Keep Finding New Things to Fall in Love With. I Can’t Wait to Spend the Rest of My Life by Your Side, Lou. I Love You.

Pets I Adore, Flowers I Appreciate Too. Although, There’s Nothing I’d Love More Than Celebrating This Special Day of Yours as a Date for Two.

Happy Birthday to the Lovely Boy of My Dreams! Let’s Celebrate This Special Day of Your Life and Party Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Happy Birthday SMS For Him

Best birthday sms for him to celebrate his birthday with cute sms. Below are the best sms, if you need more, here are best happy birthday sms to send to him.

Happy Birthday! I Can’t Tell You How Much I Love You and How Wonderful I Feel When I’m with You, Especially on Your Special Day. Oops, I Guess I Just Did!

Everyone Is Jealous of Us We Make an Awesome Couple Life with You Seems Perfect Forever, I Want to Be in This Bubble Today I Want to Preach Just One Simply Philosophy That a Handsome Guy Like You Deserves a Pretty Girl Like Me. Happy Birthday.

I Have a Special Place in My Heart Reserved for You and It Grows a Little Larger Every Day We Spend Together. Happy Birthday.

You Tolerate My Mood Swings, My Tantrums Andpull Me Up When I’m Down. You Are My Ultimate Source of Inspiration Andhappiness. I Just Want to Say That I Love You, Happy Birthday to the Hero of My Life.

The First Thing That Popped Up into My Head This Morning Was That It’s Your Birthday, and I Hope I Was the First One to Say It to You Because You’re So Special to Me. Happy Birthday.

I Could Gift You a Million Knick Knacks, Thousand Tokens and a Hundred Gifts on Your Birthday Today. but That Means Nothing Until I Give You the First and Foremost Hope and Promise of Love – May You Get Everything That You Want in Life. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Happy Birthday! the Minute You Walk into the Room, Time Stands Still and Races Ahead All at Once. but It Doesn’t Matter, as Long as I Get to Spend My Time with You.

Sending You My Best Wishes Filled with Love and Kisses. This Is a Special Day to Me, Without Which I Would Have Been Incomplete. Happy Birthday to You, Sweetheart! Your Special Day Calls for Special Celebrations. Happy Birthday

For Your Birthday, You’re Entitled to One Special Wish for Every Candle on Your Cake. That’s Because I Love You Madly…and I Know One of Them Will Require Our Birthday Suits.

I’m Really Blessed to Have You in My Life, as Nothing Could Be More Special Than the Day When You Came into This World. So Thank You, and a Very Happy Birthday to a Very Special Person.

Each Star in the Sky Stands for a Small Part of My Love for You, and Together, Like Us, They Make Up the Entire Universe. Happy Birthday!

You Are Brighter Than the Sun, Calmer Than the Ocean and Cuter Than the Boy Next Door. I Love You. Happy Birthday

Words Cannot Be Enough to Tell You What You Are to Me. Thank You for Loving Me the Way You Do. on Your Birthday, I Wish That God Blesses You with All That Your Sweet Heart Desires. I’m Really Lucky to Have Found Love in Someone Like You. Happy Birthday.

Together, Apart, I’m Always Deliriously Happy and Deliriously in Love with You. Why? When You’re Not in My Arms, You’re in My Heart. You’re Always with Me. Happy Birthday, Sweetkins!

It Is Difficult to Buy a Gift for You Sweetheart. Because I Want to Buy You the Entire World for You. but Until I Win the Lottery, I Can Only Offer You My Love and Commitment That I Will Be There for You, No Matter What.

Through the Years, We Have Both Become Aware That Our Love Is Very Precious and Rare. Happy Birthday to My Special Man.

May Your Birthday Bring You a Fun Filled and Happy Year New May You Achieve All the Dreams That You See and Forever Mine, May You Always Be Life Is Nothing Without You There’s Something I Want to Say That My Life Is Incomplete If I Don’t See You Every Day, I Love You.

If You Had Your Birthday Wish, Angelina Jolie Would Be Your Girl. If I Had My Wish, Brad Pitt Would Be My Lover. Welcome Back to the Real World, Where We’re Lucky to Have Each Other.

Your Birthday Marks the End of Another Year of Us Being Together and the Start of Many Others to Come. Loves Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, You Hate Flowers, but I Love You.

I Promised to Always Love You, and I Do. as a Friend, but It Is Love Nonetheless. Have a Happy Birthday.

Our Love Runs Swifter Than the Streams and Deeper Than the Sea. for This Reason, May Your Birthday Be Very Happy.

Today Is the Absolute Perfect Day to Tell You How Much I Love You and How Special You Are to Me. Happy Birthday My Love!

Love Can Be Full of Doubt but When I Look Around, I Realize That Being Around You Is the Most Beautiful Life Possible. Happy Birthday.

I Hope Your Birthday Cake Is as Sweet as You I Hope That Your Birthday Party Is as Cool as You, I Hope That All Your Friends Show You a Good Time but When All the Dust Settles, You Are All Mine, Happy Birthday.

To a Boyfriend Like You, I Will Always Be True. with a Boyfriend Like You, I Will Never Be Blue. with All My Heart, I Wish a Happy Birthday to You.

You Introduced Me to My Favorite Sitcom (How I Met Your Mother), and Took Away My Fear of Blood Through the Walking Dead. You Understood My Moodiness Every Time I Am Going Through My Monthly Pms, and Brought Me Chocolates, Fries and Burgers. (‘To Feed the Devil Inside’, You Said) I Am Always and Forever Grateful That I Met You That Day. You Have Given Me a Lot but Among All Those Things, My Favorite Is the Love You Are Giving Me. Happy Birthday, Honey!

Every Second, My Love for You Grows. by the Time You Finish Reading This Message, My Love for You Will Be Tenfold. Happy Birthday, My Love!

If I Could Put My Heart on Paper and Ink for You, I Would Have Done It. Not Because I’m Crazy, but to Show You How Much I Love You. Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday.

I Would Be a Lost Soul, If I Didn’t Speak to Your Every Day, If I Didn’t Gaze into Your Dreamy Eyes Every Day, If I Couldn’t Wrap My Arms Around You, If I Couldn’t Place My Head on Your Shoulders, Let’s Celebrate This Special Day and Hope This Wonderful Time in Our Lives Goes on Forever, Happy Birthday Love.

It’s the Time of the Year That We Get to Celebrate the Love of My Life: You, Silly. Happy Birthday to the Best Boyfriend.

Every Time I Look in Your Eyes,i Think That the Saying ‘Made for Each Other’ Was Made Just for You and Me. My Lifeis Incomplete Without You- Happy Birthday!

The Moment I Hear Your Voice, I Feel Butterflies in My Stomach. When You Touch Me, My Heart Starts to Beat Faster Than Ever. When You Tell Me That You Love Me, I Just Don’t Want You to Stop Saying It. If This Is Love, Then Love Is Unimaginably Beautiful. Thank You Sweetheart, Because of You I Got to Experience This Wonderful Feeling. Happy Birthday.

I’m Really Blessed to Have in My Life as Nothing Could Be More Special Than the Day When Came into My Life. So Thank You and a Very Happy Birthday for a Special Person.

With These Messages Your Boyfriend Is Bound to Feel Special. You Could Send Him Some Messages Before the Clock Strikes 12 as Well. Add Memories You’ve Shared Together to Make These Messages Even Better!

A funny and cute happy birthday minions song is here, you can use it for your boyfriend to wish him.

So, as we said we given you best way to wish and here we provided you very awesome happy birthday wishes for him, happy birthday messages for him and birthday sms for him. So, now it’s too easy to send a awesome wish on his birthday. Just open any social media site or any social networking app to send birthday wishes to him. You know that we birthday wishes for boyfriend we have provided above are very well then why not to help your friends too in wishing their boyfriend’s. So, please share this page anywhere, where your friend are, so they can wish too. Please share, stay connected with us and keep turning for more latest happy birthday stuff for free.

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